The popX Domain Package

Our Logos

All popX domains come with a complementary logo. Because, if us monkeys are honest, it’s still quite a new phenomenon for our ancient human brains to tangibilize the shape and worth of intangible assets.

So, popX naturally use logos across the site for display purposes, helping to present the digital assets in glyph or pictorial format.

If the logo itself, or indeed the underlying concept, might be useful to your project, by all means engage with it further.

Each popX domain is supported by all a collection of Design-Grade Display Materials (some materials used for display purposes around the popX site are in low res).

Domain Communications Package

A main thrust of the popX approach is to bridge this cerebral gap on this class of digital assets known as domains. Many marketplaces will simply offer you the domain and the logo, without going in depth into what makes that particular asset special from a branding perspective. But domains are entirely non-fungible assets, each one is different — and each one has its own story.

So popX helps to tell that story.

Sending in-depth domain reviews out into the ether and letting popX clients decide whether they can envisage engaging with the identity rendered. Or, better yet, lighting a spark in the client that will lead to them taking that idea and running it towards an even more fine-tuned identity.

Extensive Print Materials, including the underlying documents for the in-depth reviews appearing on the popX site, are helpful to a domain owner, as they help to situate their digital asset. Thus, attached to each domain is a communications package containing useful documents which serve as the ‘paperwork’ of the domain.

Each supporting communications package includes SEO/marketing data and background info on the domain history and outlook and the branding biography of this digital asset. Over 99% of domains do not have dedicated supporting documentation like this, but we believe this will change as the place of the domain as recognized instrument of commerce and asset in its own right grow.

If you own a house, you would be well versed as to the various qualities and property-specific features that make it of financial worth. If you own a car, you’re even more aware of such details. So, why not digital real estate like a domain? Do you not use ut each day and consider it part of your possessions?

An accompanying analytical package like this thus help tangibilize the domain asset and allow the owner to make record of the asset more accurately. It is also useful when undertaking promo work and when it comes to selling the domain in the future, etc.

If you are interested in also using more general popX domain analysis in the documentation of a domain, do contact us to discuss how this can best work for you (in addition to the Copywriting Service set out below).

Domain Curation and Industry Advice

Tracking trends and emerging spaces, the popX selection of domains is constantly regularly, so keep an eye out for the perfect branding edge. If you have a project in the pipeline or are thinking about playing a specific angle, feel free to reach out for General Guidance and Suggestions.

We live and breathe domains — and stand ready to bring knowledge!

Bespoke Domain Analysis

Those in need of expert domain advice can contact their assigned Brand Facilitator directly. They will be happy to provide complementary Brand Guidance. They are competent, responsive and will offer strategic advice and/or insight into current trends and future industry pathways.

Upon request, the Facilitator can also carry out Bespoke Domain Inquiry, producing a targeted list of (minimum 5) domain options for your project or proposed play. To undertake this tailored research, your Facilitator will simply require some target keywords or insight into the ethos or angle of the prospective brand. Total discretion is assured.

Copywriting Service

The Brand Facilitator can also provide bespoke textual materials, an attuned, demand-responsive complementary service.

This Copywriting Service can be used to produce various forms (and styles) of compact, targeted texts for presentation or recording purposes — or as input into broader marketing efforts.

Copy can also be adapted from the textual materials used for the premiere of the domain on the popX site (e.g. domain review and/or blog article). Or, if elements of these texts have already amalgamated been into supporting texts, these can be edited or screened for accuracy of voice, flow of logic, consistency, etc.

IO Branding Tricks — The Quirky Approach

Read about the various bespoke popX services available.

Read about the various bespoke popX services available.