Time to set the world on..

Yet another intriguing alternative domain extension brand from popX! It’s fiery, it’s flamebouyant. If played right, it’s surely a brand capable of soaring, and searing its mark into the memory..

Surge into an .APP domain

Like its current wingman on the popX portfolio,, this is a domain that takes a classic brand proposition and updates it to align with current branding trends and attract a new generation of users.

In this case, the timeless, culturally imbued keyword is set in the appealing .APP extension that has been put to strong use by savvy marketers for the past few years (and is now seeing equally robust sales prices on the secondary market).

Extras: Logo. Niche Information Pack.

Touchwords:Strong. Searing. Soaring.

.APP for Clear Messaging

We’re not too deep into the .APP domain extension, but it’s certainly one of the extensions out there that has managed to carve out its own consistent marketshare and traction. That has been noticeable for several years now, and its use as a branding tool looks set to stay.

This is likely because many modern brands enjoy benefiting from the direct messaging that comes with deploying on an extension like .APP, where the use case is clear. Leaving the interactor with a quick binary question on whether to engage with your offering or not, without treading down any cerebral pathways where the encounter may be forced to think about what it is you are offering.

You’re willing to get down with the brand, or you move in. No clutter. No noise. A domain like instantly provides you with the necessary information you need. It has got the credential of mythical power and is an app of some kind, I’ll dig it — and in they come..
..If you’re not a rocket scientist, don’t do rocket science.

While oh so many other brands are left unclicked upon, unengaged with, and, perhaps worst of all for your longer term prospects as a viable business, forgotten amid a sea of the rest of the clutter. A problem which we would argue you won’t have when making your way through the world as

Already on fire?
Soar ahead, making this brand yours!

.IO is a fiery, trending brand from popX! Ready to soar? Make your domain home today! Hot! Hot! Hot! is a fiery, trending brand from popX! Ready to soar? Make your domain home today! Hot! Hot! Hot!